Random rambles

Silly, silly wordpress has marked some of the comments as spam, which I didn’t notice, sorry about that. I have now approved them 🙂

Also, thanks to the readers who have informed me about Kong Tianyu, but I believe that his origins are still uncertain. When the hell did he actually pop into the story? Did he just casually join Yue Zhong?

And where has Lei Cheng (& co) gone? Into the wilderness? Out of the storyline? A restroom break?


12 thoughts on “Random rambles

  1. Hey! I was actually translating 193 then I found out about your site. Am also wondering about youjinsite, hopefully they’re doing ok. If it’s possible, do you want to collaborate on the translation?

    if you want to see my style :noveltranslation.wordpress.com

    I look forward to your reply!

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    • A collab would be great. My TL speed is quite slow and I’ll be quite busy once school restarts. Your translation is great, but I think it does need some grammar corrections and edits- my Chinese is ‘meh’, so I need to use dictionaries and MTL a lot (which is also why I’m slow at translating and may occasionally get things wrong), but my grammar is decent.

      May I ask,
      1. Do you translate from the Chinese raws or from other sources?
      2. About how many chapters can you do per week?
      (For me, it’s currently 2-3 full chapters. When school starts again, it’ll be less. Hopefully though, the time taken for me to translate each chapter will decrease…)

      We could discuss other details later (e.g. which site?), anyway, I look forward to your reply, maybe drop me an email… ✌️

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  2. HOLYYYYY COWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THREEE TRANSLATORS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    sry about the caps -.-‘


  3. *Bucket of cold water on my sweet dream* agghhhh
    well as a wise man once said “a chap a day keeps the jitters away”
    Hope we get our dose everyday 🙂
    only thing better then a chap a day is 2 chaps a day. Lord fifth~


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