Chapters 213 and 214!

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Btw, as for ‘project x’ (couldn’t think of anything else to call it lol), I was planning on doing a mass release for that once I’d translated enough chapters but uhhh… I’ve barely finished the first chapter so ignore that for now 😛

Chapter 213 (TLed by Kun, edited by divinecelestialbeinglol)

Chapter 214 (One of those rare chapters done by divinecelestialbeinglol himself)

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Chapter 208 done!

First regular chapter of the week~ (warning, pretty nsfw)

During the weekend I added next/previous links to chapters 1-12 and I’ve set up the donation system. We’ve already received a donation- many thanks to our first donor! To reiterate, up to 4 sponsored chapters at $60 each , and if you don’t want to be addressed by your first name in the list of donors, just add that as a note when making the donation.

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Chapter 208 (TLed by divinecelestialbeinglol)


An important announcement regarding terminology in GDW

Ok, it’s not actually that important, but I think that it’s useful to know.

I have been editing chapter XXX that Kun has recently TLed and one of his notes seems important enough for me to put out here. I have noticed this issue before, but it’s most likely that only in this chapter, throughout the whole series, that the matter has been properly elaborated upon for the first time.

Here are the two sentences in question (don’t worry, it won’t really spoil anything):

“An Evolver?” Yue Zhong heard this and his mind immediately went blank. He had a lot of Enhancers in his team, but as for true Evolvers like Yao Yao, she was the only one whom he knew.

Here is Kun’s original note on this:

[TN: Ok TIMEOUT, this highlights something interesting, which I never noticed. There are 2 terms being used here: ‘进化者’ & ‘强化者’.

强化者 refers to those like Yue Zhong who used the game mechanics and became stronger. They were referred to as Evolvers in the past translations, which I never thought to be a problem. However, the term ‘Evolver’ now specifically points to only 2 individuals who are 进化者, which ACTUALLY means evolve. Whereas 强化者 refers to Enhancers, so should we just do a swap? Or call those who evolved something else? ie Evolvers and Evolved Beings]

If you don’t understand exactly what Kun is getting at, what he means is that there are two terms that have previously been translated as Evolver. One actually means Evolver, whilst the other really means ‘Enhancer’.

Originally, we thought that there wasn’t a difference between the two, but now we know that Evolver refers to someone that has actually undergone a real, 100% legit evolution, whereas Enhancer points to someone like Yue Zhong who relies on the game mechanics to level up and hasn’t actually ‘evolved’ yet.

I’ve decided that from now on, we’ll clearly highlight the differences between the 2 terms and use both terms where they should be used. Readers, I hope this can clarify some of your confusions and thanks for your support!

P.S. In a few chapters, it’s ‘that’ time again… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Chapter 205 done!

This should have come earlier this week but anyway, it’s here. There should be 2 or 3 more chapters this week~

A few things (please read):

Kun and I are thinking of doing donations now. I think it’s fair to say that we have basically completely taken over the GDW project from Youjinsite, and patriarchreliance is not there just to fill in for them anymore. Of course though, if they do come back, it would be great to collaborate.

I personally think the best model to follow would be what many other translators do:

3 regular chapters a week and ‘something’ sponsored chapters/week at around $60 each.

For us, maybe about 4 sponsored chapters a week? That means there should be, on average, 1 chapter/day. I can’t guarantee this though, because Kun’s claim of being able to do 1/day if he pushes himself may not be 100% true. After all, he tried to betray the patriarch once XD

Dear readers, please leave your thoughts in the comments below and then I can set it all up!

For now though, here is chapter 205 (done by me):

Chapter 205