Chapter 210!

The third (and most likely last) regular chapter of the week!

This should’ve been released earlier, but I had a fever yesterday 😦

Even worse, I did not experience any evolution like Zhuo Yatong did…

Anyway, Chapter 210 (TLed by Kun, edited by me)


7 thoughts on “Chapter 210!

  1. My suggestion that u guys join for example gravitytales. Not so much people know that u translate. and know this novel. which i did browsed by because didn’t had what to read( in time while waiting new chapters for novels what i read).
    I think gravity tales could be possible place – because of vrmmorpg genre novels there . for wuxiaworld – think GDW is too +17 stuff inside.
    In my opinion it would help u guys get sponsored more chaps – and we readers would get more chaps/


    • I am planning on adding this site to mangaupdates, aho-updates, spcnet etc.
      However, I am currently too lazy to even try to join gravitytales and also, this series is rather ‘controversial’.

      Anyway, thanks for your suggestion and I am trying to make this series gain more popularity! (more popularity = more sponsors= more money = more chocolate)


  2. So – if u guys don’t manage to talk with big LN translation sites to move there to get people there – then maybe need manage to post this site link on their “extra link”. Because if u just post links in coments and in chat rooms – thats really not so much . maybe 10-30 people will see it. because peopl not read so much coments – that are so much. and in rooms – well thats like lotery to get numbers of people.
    About like i sayd about donations – its about how much people really get this one translation site.


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