Chapter 211 done!

This should’ve come out earlier in the week but I was drowning in a sea of homework. In fact, I’m still fighting amidst the waves of assignments…

TLed by Kun, edited by me, first regular chapter of the week!

Chapter 211


5 thoughts on “Chapter 211 done!

    • Thanks for the suggestions about the index stuff, if any problems come up I’ll make note of your idea but for now it should be alright.
      As for the earlier chapters, I am not retranslating them. I am only editing them since…uhh…they need a lot of editing. I am much too lazy to bother retranslating them- even editing takes quite some time- and although the translator of chapters 1-64 may have missed out a few details due to various reasons, it’s still easily readable once edited and the minor details that may have been skipped are generally unimportant.


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