Chapter 228 finally arrives!

This is the second chapter of …*ahem*… last week. A series of unforeseen events happened during the weekend so I wasn’t able to release any chapters, but I’m back now.

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Chapter 227+ minor announcement!

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Chapter 225 done!

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As a reader once commented, it’s time for the ‘if you don’t work then you can’t eat’ speech again lol. Other than that, I suppose this chapter is quite entertaining.

Also, to make you readers a bit more excited about this series, something relatively interesting will happen soon.

Translated by Kun, edited by Amaranth and divinecelestialbeinglol

Chapter 225

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…Chapter 224!

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Chapter 224 (warning: lewd)

P.S. for those who are wondering why this came so late:

  1. I am lazy and procrastinate way too much >_<
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Chapter 223 done!

This is the last release of the week and marks the 30th chapter we’ve done!

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So this arc is kinda repetitive but I believe that there should be some interesting events later, and it’s amusing nonetheless.

Chapter 223 (Tled by Kun, edited by me. Amaranth has disappeared 0_0)



Chapter 222 done!

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In other news, I was trying to recruit omgitsaray who translates 9 Heavenly Thunder Manual. If you’re bored, you can check out his work here.

TLed by Kun, edited by divinecelestialbeinglol and Amaranth,

Chapter 222!

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Chapter 221 done!

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Chapter 221 (TLed by Kun, edited by me)

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