Chapter 217 release!

Last regular chapter of the week, but there’s still a sponsored chapter and I might release one or two bonus chapters seeing as Chinese New Year is coming up~

Also, my chocolate supply has temporarily been restored, but it’s getting dangerously low again.

TLed by Kun, edited by me (I myself will actually translate a chapter uhhh…later)

Chapter 217


5 thoughts on “Chapter 217 release!

  1. Love the series even though it does contain racism and sexist remarks the leveling up aspect and post apocalyptic world development is the best I have seen in any wuxian/xianxia.


  2. Ty~ I hope that you will finish this series. Racism and Sexism are parts of the world today, regardless of whether you want to see it or not. China still carries a heavy grudge against Japan, as does much of Asia. Regardless of this, literature should continue to be translated for what it is; A great novel with a couple of blemishes.


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