Chapter 221 done!

First regular chapter of the week~

There should be another one coming sometime later, but chapter 223 is a killer again.

We also have a new editor who will be occasionally helping out, I’ll introduce him in the next release.

Also, I’ve finally added next and previous chapter links! That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for… uhh… readers!

In other news, Kun says that he’ll be releasing his debut EP sometime this year, titled [Instant Ramen Rhapsody]. I’m telling y’all, it’s 100% true, except I might have changed some of the minor details.

Chapter 221 (TLed by Kun, edited by me)

P.S. Thanks for all the comments, they’re all quite interesting to read!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 221 done!

  1. Hello Thanks for picking this series up I just found it. also i just wanted to let you know that if probably would be good if someone updated this on since it says the last chapter was c.192


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