…Chapter 224!

Well, who says that the first regular chapter of the week can’t be released on Saturday?

Don’t worry readers, there will be more chapters in the following days. I couldn’t possibly abandon you right? After all, the site is called patriarch reliance…

Translated by Kun (again), edited by Amaranth and me

Chapter 224 (warning: lewd)

P.S. for those who are wondering why this came so late:

  1. I am lazy and procrastinate way too much >_<
  2. I actually had a lot of work on my hands, which was further exacerbated by my laziness
  3. A new side project that I got too distracted on. Immortal of Book and Sword is too difficult to translate for me (if you can do it justice, feel free to pick it up)- I am kind of still translating it, albeit at the pace of something like 1 sentence per week lol

10 thoughts on “…Chapter 224!

  1. Yes yes..

    “A person should have something to rely on. If you are a mortal who desires riches and titles, if you are a Cultivator who wants to live a life free from worry, join my Reliance Sect. You can rely on me.”
    Signed by Patriarch Reliance.

    True Story. Yet we all know in the near/far off future.. you might reveal your true form and run away from us.. Around chapter 95.

    PS: Its a JoKe in case kun gets emotional LOL

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