Chapter 227+ minor announcement!

First regular chapter of this week!

Minor announcement:

Chocolate is running out. Kun’s loyalty seems to be wavering. And so I’ve decided to try using adfly. I hope it works. Many other groups are using this right now, and so I decided to give it a try as well. Basically, if you click on the adfly link then it’s essentially giving a small donation to us.Of course, we will count the money from adfly as donations- once $60 is reached –> boom, bonus chapter (unless I slack off lol).

Of course, it’s not obligatory by any means, but if you’d like to help us out and perhaps get a few bonus chapters (if everyone clicks on the adfly link, then you’d be looking at a few bonus chapters per week maybe?? idk), then please do feel free to use the adfly link instead of the regular one.

TLed by Kun ( and even a bit by me this time), edited by me

Chapter 227 adfly

Chapter 227 regular link


8 thoughts on “Chapter 227+ minor announcement!

  1. I see no problem clicking “” is but I think that will help a lot but please try to make the 3 guaranteed chapters between week but you lose many readers who come to the site every 4 or 5 days and see nothing new. I love this story so continued here waiting any upgrade but sometimes waited a week because you followed not update.


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