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After reading through the comments, it appears that Nekomancer, Jadiii, Robbini0 and Mervin know quite a lot about guns. So if you’re curious about any firearms that appear in GDW, just go ask them lol.

Also, shoutout to reader Chaoscycle who commented, ‘Tank you!’ on Chapter 239……..lmao.

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Anyway, ‘Nekomancer’ has pointed out that ‘there is no way that those are .05 light machine guns. .05 would be a needle. they are .50 light machine guns likely firing the chinese equivalent of .50BMG(browning machine gun)……’ 

I have no idea about all this jargon but the author does tend to use a lot of actual weapons so I’m not too sure about all this, but take everything with a pinch of salt…lol, idk.

Apologies to the people I haven’t replied to yet regarding recruitment- I am busier than expected but I will definitely get back to you soon!

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Thanks to all those who applied as editors (we need TLers and TLCers as well!). I’ve almost finished reviewing all the applications and I’m pleased to say that we have already recruited a few editors, two of whom helped out with this chapter. I’ll let them introduce themselves-

Dedition: “I am Dedition.”

UlamogbeatsPac-man: “I’m The Dude.”

Divinecelestialbeinglol: “…”

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P.S. Check out my post regarding GDW books if you haven’t already for some slightly useful info 🙂


Note on current Progress: chapter 238 will have to come out later than expected (1 or 2 days max.) since I am currently reviewing all the editor applications (more TLers and TLCers please!). However, once we have some new recruits, the release speed should be much faster 🙂 In the meantime, have a look at this slightly important post.

Dear readers,

The books have finally been found. If you’re wondering what that means, well- according to the first translator of GDW, this series is divided into 8 books, the first one being called ‘The Apocalypse World Begins’. However, the raws that chinanovel, youjinsite and we use display no such thing.

But…. after looking around for quite a while today, I hereby present to you the OFFICIAL (well I hope so at least) raws, complete with all the book titles and even a list of Yue Zhong’s stats at Level33, which I currently can’t be bothered to translate.

So, here is a list of all the books and the chapters that they encompass (WARNING: SPOILERS!)-

Book 1: The Apocalypse World Begins (Chapters 1- 165)

Book 2: The Sea of Zombie Tides (Chapters 166- 305)

Book 3: The South (Chapters 306-531)

Book 4: Trouble in Southeast Asia (Chapters 532- 601)

Book 5: The North (Chapters 602- 723)

Book 6: The Second World! – (Chapters 724-792)

Book 7: The Third World! The Nation of Dinosaurs! (Chapters 793-946)

Book 8: Calamity on Earth (Chapters 947-1236)

I hope that this information was useful and perhaps justifies the next chapter not being released earlier >_<

Oh, and I’ll update the index with this info sometime later. Maybe I should update the synopsis and old chapters too……



Yes, the time has finally come to recruit!

We are in dire need of editors and translation checkers for God and Devil World, and some extra translators would be nice as well. Proofreaders aren’t needed for now since I normally make one final sweep through the chapter once it’s published, and readers often point out mistakes in the comments anyway.

So, without further ado:


Translators: must be proficient at Chinese and have a decent grasp of English. Can translate a whole chapter.

Editors: Proficient at English. Must be thorough- i.e. editing is much more than just fixing typos and some misused words. Some basic knowledge of Chinese would be an added bonus.

Translation Checkers (TLCers): Must be good at both Chinese and English. TLCers are essentially translators who can double as editors, and so TLCers should also have the ability to translate an entire chapter. TLCers work together with the editors to ensure that the translation is correct and stays true to the original raws.

Most of the work is still done by the translator, but editing and tlcing can occasionally be quite tedious. Example below: a certain paragraph from chapter 235 which required a lot of editing and tlcing by me, which is shown in green- the original translation by Kun is the black text.

gdw screenshot

To apply: please contact me via email at adamhochin56(at), stating which position you’re applying for, approximately how much you can do per week, any previous experience and your level of translating/editing/tlcing.

Having a gmail account would be most preferred, since most of our work is done on google drive.

I know that a few readers have already expressed their interest in wanting to help, but here is the official recruitment post. Please do re-contact me so that all applications are in the same place!

Regarding donations: they can be split appropriately if anyone applying wants to make some extra cash 😀

Obviously, increasing our numbers will mean that GDW chapters are released faster. Also, I get to work on more side projects hehe…



edit: I forgot to mention this, but skilled MTLers are also welcome. Requirements for MTLers are basically the same as those for normal TLers, except an extra TLCer would probably be needed.



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This chapter is… well, see for yourself. Readers who enjoy this sort of stuff, get the tissues ready for uhh… the surging emotions and feelings in this chapter 😀

There are a few more TL notes in this chapter than normal, but some things must be said lol.

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P.S. It won’t be too long before Yue Zhong’s old friends make a brief reappearance!

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