Quick Clarification on the ‘gap’ between 229 and 230

So I was reading comments and quite a few readers have noted that there might be a gap between chapters 229 and 230. The main question is regarding the Mutant Pig King, which seems to have vanished.

I immediately checked the raws, and it seems that we haven’t missed anything.

I’ll just try to answer the questions here anyway:

  1. Where did Yue Zhong disappear to after leaving Zhuo Yatong and his army?

We find out in 229 that YZ has gone to set the entire camp on fire, killing most of the pigs. He then returns to the warriors and Zhuo Yatong. Since the boss has returned, they happily kill the rest of the pigs (only around 100 left) and then it’s barbecue night at Clear Wind Camp (as a certain reader said).

2. What happened to the Mutant Pig King!?

It’s not mentioned- maybe it fled or was burnt to death by the fire YZ started. I’d say this is acceptable, since YZ can’t just pulverize the mutant beasts each and every time.

I hope this clears some things up~

edit: lol, how did this end up on novelupdates as a chapter release?


5 thoughts on “Quick Clarification on the ‘gap’ between 229 and 230

  1. Thanks for the clarification.

    Just in case haveyou looked for a different site for the raw chapters to compare the raws of the chapters with your current site providing the raw chapters?

    I´m asking this because I had read a translated novel once where the translator also had some sudden huge jump in the story between 2 chapters and when he looked at another site he found out that his usual site for raws had simply left out half of the earlier of the two chapters.
    When he used the new site with the full raw chapters the gap disappeared – or better said there was no gap between the full chapters to begin with.

    So it might be that the uploaderof the raw chapters on the site you usually use might have accidently left out half of a chapter.


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