Chapter 231 done!

Second chapter of last week. *sighs* *cries* *dies*

Someone asked about the status of Immortal of Book and Sword; consider it as dropped. It’s not that I don’t like the story or anything, but rather it’s beyond my level to translate. My Chinese is only so-so, add that to the fact that the author uses flowery phrases all the time and writes in a really vague manner, and there is my reason. I’d like to try tling it again in the future, but for now anyone out there can pick it up if they can do it justice. Otherwise, don’t touch my precious!

TLed by Kun, edited and tlced and whatnot by Divinecelestialbeinglol

Adlfy link (thanks for your support, even if adfly is ripping me off!)

Normal link


3 thoughts on “Chapter 231 done!

  1. I started to read this series a week ago. Now I’m caught up. I love it that you are still translating (Abet slowly compared to what you want from what I understand) But we are still getting one a week. I’m happy. ^_^ Thank you so much for continuing this series! (there were like, 3 sites this series is spread across O.O )


  2. Thanks for the hard work and constant translating. started this series like a work week ago (5 days if you don’t know what that means) and I very much like this so please continue by all means


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