Chapter 232 is finally here!

Last chapter of last week… lol

Status updates (and/or estimated time of arrival) can now be found in the site’s title/ tagline/ whatever you call it- that bit above the menu.

Thanks for all your patience readers, chapter 232 is finally here. Also, due to some generous donors, the queue has been filled once again, but I’ll do the regular chapters first before doing the sponsored chapter. Luckily, I have a few weeks’ break soon, so hopefully I should be able to release more chapters.

[TLed by Kun, edited + tlced by me]

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P.S. The plot is actually advancing quite well, since we meet several new ‘species’ this chapter. Yue Zhong’s actions are actually quite justifiable (although it might be boring to read through all of that) and it seems that sooner or later, we will meet dinosaurs and orcs like the synopsis states!


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