Chapter 233!

One down, 5 regular and one sponsored to go. Hopefully I can finish them over my break, even if I’ve been given a ton of homework >_<

I’ll try to get the next couple of chapters out ‘quickly’, since there is an important event in the plot.

TLed by Kun, edited and tlced by divinecelestialbeinglol

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Adfly link

Thanks for all the comments!

P.S. many thanks to readers who click on the adfly links -> earnings have finally gone past the $5 mark!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 233!

  1. Do you need an editor? I already edit for one group and have some free time. I’m fairly fast at editing if your fast at translation 🙂


  2. Only public a chapter every 2 or 3 days or 3 regular week on the same day and everyone will be happy, I know hard time translating but one chapter per week is very little and this novel has over 1300 chapters.


    • Hi, I hope that readers understand that both divinecelestialbeinglol and I have our mundane things to do, and we can only try our best to keep track of what we promised to release. Honestly, we’re really thankful for those who donate, and even so, without donations, we’re still releasing this because we want to.

      I usually just focus on the translations and leave the admin/tlc/editting stuff to divinecelestialbeinglol so he can do what he does (for those of yall who may not know, he’s still a student, and he has school and his whole life ahead of him). And it still is a lot of work. Do give the man a break.

      I guess we can thank our lucky stars we haven’t met people who’re demanding releases like some of the comments on the translation for Peerless Martial God.

      Anyway, we seek your understanding, we really can’t help having things to deal with in real life as well.

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