Note on current Progress: chapter 238 will have to come out later than expected (1 or 2 days max.) since I am currently reviewing all the editor applications (more TLers and TLCers please!). However, once we have some new recruits, the release speed should be much faster 🙂 In the meantime, have a look at this slightly important post.

Dear readers,

The books have finally been found. If you’re wondering what that means, well- according to the first translator of GDW, this series is divided into 8 books, the first one being called ‘The Apocalypse World Begins’. However, the raws that chinanovel, youjinsite and we use display no such thing.

But…. after looking around for quite a while today, I hereby present to you the OFFICIAL (well I hope so at least) raws, complete with all the book titles and even a list of Yue Zhong’s stats at Level33, which I currently can’t be bothered to translate.

So, here is a list of all the books and the chapters that they encompass (WARNING: SPOILERS!)-

Book 1: The Apocalypse World Begins (Chapters 1- 165)

Book 2: The Sea of Zombie Tides (Chapters 166- 305)

Book 3: The South (Chapters 306-531)

Book 4: Trouble in Southeast Asia (Chapters 532- 601)

Book 5: The North (Chapters 602- 723)

Book 6: The Second World! – (Chapters 724-792)

Book 7: The Third World! The Nation of Dinosaurs! (Chapters 793-946)

Book 8: Calamity on Earth (Chapters 947-1236)

I hope that this information was useful and perhaps justifies the next chapter not being released earlier >_<

Oh, and I’ll update the index with this info sometime later. Maybe I should update the synopsis and old chapters too……




  1. Hola soy de México y leo esta novela con el traductor, no se muy bien ingles :(, y espero con ansias cada capitulo y aunque lo quiera leer desde el chino no le tomo coherencia en nada, y para quitarme estas ansias no sabrás de otra novela con trama parecida la cual pueda leer?

    donde de repente todo el mundo cambia a un sistema de juego y donde la trama no se vaya mucho a lo heroico y sea mas realista


    • Tengo un proyecto paralelo que es bastante similar, que publicaré pronto. No hay una gran cantidad de novelas apocalipsis por ahí, pero usted puede comprobar fuera de ‘la ira de shura’ y ‘el legendario escultor luz de la luna’. 😀


  2. I finished editing 238. Only minor cleaning left. Give it 12 hours or so. If your lucky I’ll finish 239 today also and you will get double releases!


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