Chapter 238 done!

Happy Easter to all!

3 regular and 1 sponsored left….

Thanks to all those who applied as editors (we need TLers and TLCers as well!). I’ve almost finished reviewing all the applications and I’m pleased to say that we have already recruited a few editors, two of whom helped out with this chapter. I’ll let them introduce themselves-

Dedition: “I am Dedition.”

UlamogbeatsPac-man: “I’m The Dude.”

Divinecelestialbeinglol: “…”

TLed by Kun, edited by Dedition, Ulamog and I, TLCed by myself

Regular Link

Adfly link (thank you for all your support!!)

P.S. Check out my post regarding GDW books if you haven’t already for some slightly useful info 🙂


5 thoughts on “Chapter 238 done!

  1. Up no problem. We are currently seeing if we can find a way to reduce the workload for Divinecelestialbeinglol so in the near future we hope to be able to release a single chapter every day! >:D *whipping sounds followed by agonized screams echo from deep within the editorial area*


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