Chapter 239 done!

5 regular and 1 sponsored left. Well…

Anyway, ‘Nekomancer’ has pointed out that ‘there is no way that those are .05 light machine guns. .05 would be a needle. they are .50 light machine guns likely firing the chinese equivalent of .50BMG(browning machine gun)……’ 

I have no idea about all this jargon but the author does tend to use a lot of actual weapons so I’m not too sure about all this, but take everything with a pinch of salt…lol, idk.

Apologies to the people I haven’t replied to yet regarding recruitment- I am busier than expected but I will definitely get back to you soon!

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 239 done!

  1. Could be 5mm (0,05) or .50. AKs are 5.56 x 74 or so , so it’s entirely possible. .50 Cal LMGs could only be considered Light if they don’t have that much magazine capabilitiy, eg. the Browning .30 Cal & BAR were both ‘LMGs’, while the Browning M2 .50 Cal was HMG, and not really infantry-compatible, then it was the M60 & SAW, which were 7.62 x something as new LMGs.


    • It isn’t caliber but model.

      These are Type-05 or more specifically QCW05 (or QCQ05 if unsilenced) SMGs. Just like calling an M16 a ’16 to concatenate the name.


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