Chapter 247 done!

This chapter is quite interesting and I assume a lot of readers have been waiting for this. Although it might be a bit of an anticlimax, at least it shows that the author has things planned out better than you might think.

TLed by Kun, edited by DDT, UBPC and DCBLOL (who also did a bit of tlcing)

Regular Link

Adfly – Thanks for all your support!

Important Notice about Schedule:

I will be away for the rest of the week and so there will only be 2 regular chapters this week. However, I have now managed to catch up on all the pending chapters (yay) and a lot of recent chapters have been extra-long anyway.

School restarts for me next week and I will need some time to settle back in, but after a while things should become quicker and I might even release a couple of bonus chapters to make up if I get around to translating 😀


6 thoughts on “Chapter 247 done!

  1. Looooool! You see this guy DCBL? He makes it sound like we have nothing planned to engage the readership xD rest assured all you readers we have some other stuff planned for DCBL’s time away so don’t forget to check back later in the week!

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