Chapter 249 done!

Second regular chapter of the week~

TLed by Kun, edited by UBPC, DCBLol, DDT and TheNo1Fan (new!)

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Adfly link (thanks for your support!)


10 thoughts on “Chapter 249 done!

    • also what does editing mean in this case? does editing mean the translation and the translation check are done and its waiting for a editor to fix grammatical mistakes?


      • Announcement tonight. Will post more I do right here in the comment box when the time comes because DCBLol will be sleeping. So stay tuned for about 3.5 more hrs.

        In editing: in this case it means touch up work is being done. But sometimes it might say editing 150 and we are actually working on 152. Just depends 🙂

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  1. Trench coat merchant: Over here stranger…. Got something that might interest ya… Only…. You can’t see it till tomorrow night! In return I’ll post MINIMUM one extra chapter(sponsored) for the week. Deal???


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