Chapter 250 done + Announcement!

Alright, as some of you might know already, we have moved to translationnations! This announcement should’ve come later,  but Ulamog decided to do it ahead of time while I was still asleep >_<

From now on, it’ll be Ulamog posting on TN while I’ll just be doing whatever I want ^_^

We still have some things to sort out (e.g. donations- queue is currently at $20/60, but we’re planning on lowering the donation amount) but we’ll start posting the chapters there at (hopefully) a faster pace. Without further ado then, here’s the announcement post on translationnations, which includes the links to chapter 250 as well as the new GDW index.

I’ll post this here anyway:

Chapter 250, 3rd regular chapter of the week- TLed by Kun, edited by UBPC, DDT, TheNo1Fan and Johnnyxn

As for what this site will now be used for, there will still be some activity on here such as minor announcements, side projects etc, but you’ll find GDW on translationnations starting from now on 🙂


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