Patriarch Reliance was founded by YCha (Divinecelestialbeinglol) on the 14th December 2015 to continue the translation of the Chinese webnovel ‘God and Devil World‘ (GDW), which had been translated up to Chapter 192 previously by various other translation teams.

In April 2016, GDW moved over to Translationnations where it could gain a bigger audience as part of a large translation group. As of April 2017, GDW is now officially hosted on Qidian International-  an international version of the original Chinese publisher Qidian, which is part of China Literature Limited owned by Tencent.  

The Original Patriarch Reliance Team:

Translators: Kun, YCha (Divinecelestialbeinglol)

Editors/ Proofreaders/Admin: UlamogBeatsPacman, Dedition, YCha

Occasional Translation Checker: YCha

Inactive/left: Johnnyxn, TheNo1Fan

Dear reader,

God and Devil World has now been moved over to Qidian International (QI) and Translation Nations (TN), where a greater audience can be reached and our team can continue to expand. This site itself started as a website I created on a whim, yet it has now accumulated almost 2 million views from over 200,000 unique visitors from all around the world. Although unwilling to part with this site where everything started, we felt that our project had the potential to develop even further elsewhere, hence the move to TN. Readership is also now in the thousands at least- GDW is on the reading lists of 7000 Novel Updates users alone with almost 300 reviews and an average rating of 3.8/5 from over 1400 votes- and translation progress has also been excellent.

Since the winter of 2015, we have translated and edited over 450 chapters (around 60 on this blog and the rest on TN/Qidian relying solely on reader donations and our own passion for the novel. With each chapter averaging 3000 Chinese characters (equivalent to around 2000 English words) and taking at least three hours to translate and edit, this means over 1000 hours spent collectively by the team to translate and edit over 1.3 million Chinese characters into several hundred thousand English words. At a professional rate (we would like to think that our translations are of good quality, although maybe ‘not quite’ professional…), this would cost an astonishing amount of money! It also means that we are already past the halfway point of this gargantuan 1228 chapter webnovel, and that a complete translation is entirely possible.

Recently, the team has also taken up a new translation project at Translation Nations called ‘Only I Shall Be Immortal’ by the top webnovel author Tang Jia San Shao, for which the main translator is our new member Ken. You can check it out here (temporary hiatus).

The current purpose of this site is to serve as a backup in case anything ever happens to the current GDW host, and also to provide any additional announcements on our projects. We hope to finish translating our two current projects sometime in the near future and bring more exciting Chinese web literature to the English-speaking world, so stay tuned!

Yours truly, YCha (Divinecelestialbeinglol)

Note: In case you were wondering, Patriarch Reliance is actually the name of a character from the popular Chinese webnovel ‘I Shall Seal The Heavens‘ 😛


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Love this series and so I was wondering if you’re ever in need of an editor add me to your google drive folder (issthno1fan@gmail.com)
    I’m an editor for ISSTH, Bringing the Farm, Leveling in 10,000 steps, World defying Dan God and Radiant Translations:D
    Fluent at English as I’ve lived my entire life in Australia so send me an email if you need extra assistance;)


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