Chapter 194 (Part 1)

Chapter 194 (Part 1):  Seize Power!

TL: It hurts to watch all your hopes and dreams fade into the distance like Patriarch Reliance…

[Level 3 Treasure: Dark Magic Sword. This is an extremely sharp-edged magic sword that has the power to slice through gold and split jade.]

[Level 4 Skill Book: Second-order Shadow Steps.  Advanced Shadow Steps Skill! Only after Shadow Steps Skill has been enhanced 3 times can this skill be learnt. After activating this skill, Agility can be increased by 90 points in a timespan of 5 minutes and 40 points of stamina are consumed.]

Yue Zhong carefully examined the Dark Magic Sword in his hands, a model similar to the Tang Sword in sharpness. Its whole body was black, the blade was 1.5m long and etched upon it were strange runes. The sword hilt had three grooves and the whole body of it exuded a cold chill.

Yue Zhong played with the Dark Magic Sword for a while and rejoiced in his heart, before immediately putting it back into his Storage Ring.

As for the Second-order Shadow Steps Skill, it was directly thrown by Yue Zhong into the Storage Ring and stored there.

When the Z-series zombie had died, the remaining 100,000+ zombies were no longer able to organize a large-scale siege.  Once Yue Zhong had returned to the base camp, he had immediately let most of his comrades go back and rest.

After the present day’s battle,  Yue Zhong’s elite troops went around putting out fires everywhere; although they had gained strength, the amount of stamina they had lost wasn’t small. Every one of them was tired and  once they lay down on their beds, they fell into a deep sleep like dogs would.

From time to time, gunshots sounded from the North Gate, where the governmental forces were guarding; it was the shooting experts among the  police, special police and armed police forces eradicating the normal zombies.

Among the government-controlled armed forces, there were also many marksmen, especially the elites in the special police and armed police forces, who had already undergone rigorous training before the ‘end of the world’. After, they progressed very quickly, and so many of them became marksmen.

As night fell, there was no moon in the sky and the whole earth was shrouded in a layer of darkness. There were only a few places that were illuminated by lights.

Under the cover of darkness, Yue Zhong, Cheng Yu and Chen Shitou, as well as the first and second teams directly under him, sneaked quietly into the vicinity of the North Gate.

The North Gate had the same  defense system as the West and South Gates, with an IFV as the core, as well as two light machine guns and two heavy machine guns forming  a barrage, which blocked the path leading to the inner city.

A team composed of over forty survivors and a dozen policemen was patrolling upon the city walls, to prevent the zombies below from carrying out a siege.

Near the North Gate, more than a dozen houses had been converted to temporary barracks by governmental requisition; they were full of special police, armed police and normal police. If there were any signs of trouble, those troops could emerge from the houses and provide reinforcements to the front line.

Yue Zhong and his men carefully crawled forward, and sneaked up to the IFV. Then they suddenly moved out and rushed in the direction of the IFV like thunder, whilst at the same time, Yue Zhong activated his Art of Fear Skill.

Under  the powerful coercion of the Art of Fear Skill, the six policemen and three soldiers surrounding the IFV instantly fainted out of fright.

After Yue Zhong had instantly dealt with those nine armed men, Cheng Yu immediately brought people with him as he quickly approached those nine people and firmly tied all of them up , at the same time gagging them with rags.

Cheng Yu took out a blowgun coated with powerful anesthetic and heavily blew, making a policemen standing guard in front of the building immediately faint.

Almost simultaneously, Yue Zhong activated his Art of Fear Skill and directed it towards the other policeman; the huge mental coercion turned into  a straight line that bombarded the policeman’s sea of consciousness, directly causing him to faint.

After getting rid of those two policemen, Yue Zhong and his men rushed into the building. The team of elite soldiers closely followed behind Yue Zhongand quickly rushed into the building too.

When Yue Zhong arrived in front of a room, the Dark Magic Sword in his hand lightly struck towards the room’s lock, and broke it off like cutting through tofu.

Upon opening the door to the room, he saw that there were only eight policemen who were fast asleep with barely any defenses. They had never thought that Yue Zhong would attack right when the zombies had retreated.

A team infiltrated the room and very skillfully stunned those eight policemen, before tying them up and gagging them.

Using this method, Yue Zhong and his men raided room after room, capturing the policemen, armed policemen and special policemen who were all asleep and stunning all of them.

“What are you people?”

When Yue Zhong and his group reached the seventh floor, a policeman who came out to urinate saw them; his complexion paled and he loudly shouted.

Yue Zhong’s figure flashed and he rushed towards the policeman in just a few moments; he used his hand like a knife to hack at the policeman’s neck, and the policeman fainted.

TL: Like this

However, that policeman’s sharp cry alerted the other policemen.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 194 (Part 1)

  1. betrayal already? gosh guess the only way to establish order in the zombie apocalypse is through dictatorship. good thing yue has such realitivly good ethics (except when it comes to race apparently). thanks for the halfa chapters!


  2. Hi thanks for translating this!

    Please don’t censor swear words or sexy scenes please lots
    Of people enjoy reading those since its part of the story and enjoyment.


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