Chapter 194 (Part 2)

Chapter 194 (Part 2): Seize Power!

TL: The author’s grammar is pretty bad and sometimes makes the details difficult to understand, therefore I may have translated some parts slightly incorrectly. Chinese grammar is kind of difficult to understand in the first place, and the author makes it worse by just sticking loads of separate clauses together in the wrong order.  Grammar Nazi rant over 🙂

And 1 clarification: I mistranslated 100,000 remaining zombies as 10,000 last chapter or something, which I’ve already fixed. Yue Zhong has not actually killed that many of them.

After Yue Zhong and his men took advantage of the opportunity to capture all the policemen in a room who didn’t have time to arm themselves, they finally faced resistance from the remaining police.

Six policemen with Type-54 Pistols guarded over a path, unceasingly opening fire to stop the advance of Yue Zhong and his men.

Yue Zhong activated his Encompassing Body Armor Skill for the first time and bone armor with astonishing defense quickly covered his entire body.

He endured the shots coming from the six policemen and crazily rushed forward; the bullets hit the bone armor on his body and ricocheted away, not even able to leave a trace on it.

In under six seconds, Yue Zhong covered a distance of 100m and appeared in front of those policemen. With one strike for each, he chopped at the policemen’s necks and they all fainted.

After finishing off those six policemen, Yue Zhong and his men directly charged up to the police and special police blocking the way, stunning all of them in one move. In situations without devices like 40mm rocket launchers, grenades and other heavy weaponry, normal bullets simply couldn’t penetrate through the bone armor covering Yue Zhong.

Grinding up the enemies like a tank, Yue Zhong rampaged like a devil, chopping at all of the policemen blocking the way and making them faint. He KO’ed all the way up to the top floor.

Chen Jianfeng (Leader of the Survival Camp) saw how Yue Zhong took big steps into the command room, covered in bone armor by means of activating the Encompassing Body Armor Skill. He let out a long sigh, saying,

“So it turned out to be you, Yue Zhong! There are some things that I still don’t understand, why would you launch a raid at this sort of time?  In the present situation, only if our two sides join forces can we block this time’s zombie siege.”

In the whole base, there was only Yue Zhong’s faction that had the power and ability to launch a raid on the governmental forces. When Chen Jianfeng heard the gunfight from below,  he inferred who the intruder was. It was just that he wasn’t able to understand why Yue Zhong would launch a raid on the base at this sort of time.

Even if Yue Zhong had forcibly seized the base’s power, as well as the police, special police and armed police forces, he would temporarily have no way of making use of them. Without the test of time, if Yue Zhong gave weapons to those police, special police and armed police forces, there was a possibility that the other side would immediately turn on and open fire towards him.

Behind Chen Jianfeng stood Wei Fei, who was glaring at Yue Zhong with an appearance full of the desire to battle.

(Note: Wei Fei is the dude who we saw a while back. He’s the captain of the special police squadron, likes to think he’s good at fighting and has decent strength)

Yue Zhong stared at Chen Jianfeng and said slowly word by word,

“Mayor Chen! I have already gotten rid of this time’s zombie horde commander. Although there are still 100,000 zombies outside, there is nothing to fear. Eradicating them is only a matter of time. You should surrender! Over half of your subordinates have already been captured by me. If you continue to stubbornly resist,  both sides will only suffer from meaningless casualties and nothing more.”

It was only because he had gotten rid of the commander amid the zombies that Yue Zhong dared to launch a raid on the government’s side. Otherwise, in order to keep hold of the base,  he would choose to temporarily get along in peace with the government.

Chen Jianfeng fell silent for a while before sighing,

“Alright! I surrender!”

The current balance of power was already very clear: Yue Zhong’s side had control over a large number of survivors and troops. Also, over 70 of the base’s combatants were gathered in this building. If Chen Jianfeng continued to let people resist, that would only create more casualties and hold no meaning.

There were relations between Chen Jianfeng and Chen Yao, therefore he knew that Yue Zhong counted as a qualified leader. Therefore, in a hopeless situation, he was unwilling to let others die in vain.

“The tides have been set!”

After hearing the words of Chen Jianfeng, Yue Zhong lightly let out a sigh of relief as well. If Chen Jianfeng let people continue to resist, casualties might appear in his men. Amid the ranks of the police, special police and armed police, there were also many snipers. In street fighting, they were the most formidable killers. If the battle was with Yue Zhong’s first and second squads, in which every member was an elite evolver whose level exceeded 10, even they might be hit by a headshot from far away.

Just then, Wei Fei, who was standing next to Chen Jianfeng, stepped out; he looked at Yue Zhong and spoke in a voice full of the desire to fight,

“Yue Zhong! I want to have a fight with you!”

Yue Zhong glanced at Wei Fei and he frowned,

“If I fight with you, what’s in there for me?”

Wei Fei’s eyes flashed and he said word by word,

“If you have a single victory against me, I will work for you! If you lose, help me properly take care of Mayor Chen’s family. Let me bring my God & Devil World equipment and leave the base.”

Wei Fei had once received Chen Jianfeng’s kindness. Only now would he be able to dedicated his life to Chen Jianfeng. With his current power, as long as he did not encounter a massive wave of zombies,  he could live alone outside the base very comfortably. He wanted to continuously strengthen himself and not be bound by leveling up by wantonly killing zombies. Subsequently, he proposed to have a battle with Yue Zhong as he wanted to gain satisfaction.

Yue Zhong glanced at Wei Fei, then said in a low voice,


Right after Yue Zhong’s words had landed, a light flashed in Wei Fei’s eyes and an invincible murderous aura spread out from his body. He took a step then rushed forwards like a cheetah towards Yue Zhong , waving a Tang Sword in his hand as he chopped towards Yue Zhong’s body.

Wei Fei had already gone through many wars and at this time his enhanced level had already reached up to Level 26; also, he had enhanced the Level 2 Skill High-speed Movement twice. At this time, when he activated his High-speed Movement Skill, his whole person became like a ghost. It actually overwhelmed Yue Zhong’s agility, which had been enhanced many times. In the blink of an eye he appeared in front of Yue Zhong and the sword cut fiercely into Yue Zhong’s waist.  The sharp Tang Sword struck onto the tough bone armor and emitted a clashing metallic sound, whilst simultaneously leaving a shallow sword mark.

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