Chapter 242

Chapter 242: Overbearing Army Soldiers!

“As expected, strength speaks volumes!”

Xu Feng swiftly relayed Shen Xue’s intentions to Yue Zhong and after some preparation, he started walking towards the front.

As he had just successfully snatched Ning Guang County, he would definitely not give it up. Whomever wanted to take it from him had to pay the price in blood. It was the same even if it was the army.

“It is indeed the military!!” After arriving at the front lines, Yue Zhong noticed that the battalion members were already well hidden behind cover in the distance. Furthermore, there seemed to be a few snipers located in some unknown areas. He could only sense the killing intent enveloping him but not the direction.

Although the opposing force consisted of only a battalion, Yue Zhong was very clear that if both sides clashed, the 4 battalions under him would not be a serious match for the enemy’s single battalion.

With a thought Yue Zhong activated his Encompassing Body Armor, and dashed out into the wilderness. He proceeded for some time in a roundabout manner, making his way behind enemy lines.

There, placed behind the army, were the two 122mm Howitzers. A squad of soldiers were stationed as guards for these 2 advanced weapons, surrounding them in a group fashion.

These 2 Howitzers could be considered the most important weapons for the army! With just the cumulative firepower of these 2 monsters, they could wipe out almost anything. It was also an instrument that could seriously impact the morale of enemy troops. Facing that kind of firepower was enough to cause feelings of desolation in any soldier. Cruelly crushing and eradicating any hope of fighting back. Only the toughest in terms of mental strength could stand in the face of such weapons and fight to the death without retreating.

Yue Zhong slowly made his way nearer to the 2 metal behemoths before suddenly erupting! Making his move, he drew his PF98 120mm Anti-Tank Missile Launcher and fired a shot at one of the Howitzers.

A flash, immediately followed by a huge explosion! The 122mm Howitzer instantly became a huge ball of fire and scrap.

Yue Zhong’s utterly crazy actions had shocked the soldiers surrounding the two Howitzers for a second; just as fast, they started firing at him.

The difference in shooting capability between the military soldiers and those under Tao Zhengyi was basically heaven and earth. Even under the barrage of firepower as well as Yue Zhong’s constant evasion, a number of bullets still found their way to his body, only to ultimately be repelled by his Encompassing Body Armor.

Dodging another hail of bullets,  Yue Zhong rolled on the ground as he once again aimed the PF98 and fired a shot at the final remaining Howitzer.

With a flash, the huge metal monster exploded into flames.

In response, the military displayed their fearsome aiming skills. As soon as Yue Zhong had fired the anti-tank missile, 2 separate bullets from distant snipers managed to find their way to the spot between Yue Zhong’s brows, only to be repelled by the Encompassing Body Armor once again!

Without White Bone’s ability, Yue Zhong could have well died under even one of those sniper shots.

After eradicating the 2 Howitzers, Yue Zhong took out several hand grenades. Aiming at the line of enemy soldiers, he threw them using his strength that was 5 times that of a normal person. Upon impact, the grenades immediately exploded on their targets.

A total of 7 soldiers were caught by the huge explosion and were blasted to smithereens!

Yue Zhong made use of the ensuing chaos to leap from his position and swiftly escape off into the distance.

While it was true that normal rifle bullets could not do anything to Yue Zhong, that was not the only weapon the military had! There were also grenade launchers, rocket launchers, mortars and many other different types of weaponry. The moment the warriors recovered enough to group together and attack him, he would be dead in a matter of seconds.

Ping! Ping!

The telltale sounds of 2 gunshots rang out once more as Yue Zhong, who was in the middle of escaping, received another 2 bullets, this time to the back of his head. However, they too were deflected off by the Encompassing Body Armor and seemed to not affect him in the slightest.

Yue Zhong escaped into the forest some ways before climbing up a huge tree quite easily. He took out a JS12.7mm Sniper Rifle and aimed towards the line of remaining soldiers.

[Kun: Couldn’t find this rifle for reference. Any of our gun readers know?]

[Dcblol: ← (explanation of some sort in Chinese). But yeah, do any of our gun readers know anything about it?]

With a ‘peng!’, one of the soldiers immediately died on the spot after suffering a fatal headshot.

The remainder of the soldiers immediately opened fire towards the location from which the shot originated, but due to the great distance, the bullets flew randomly and not a single one was able to hit Yue Zhong.

Having climbed up the huge tree, Yue Zhong proceeded to take down the enemy soldiers with ease.

After another 5 soldiers were quickly picked off by Yue Zhong, they didn’t dare to risk showing themselves again. Instead, they did the only thing they could and sent for reinforcements.

Shen Xue was currently in the middle of discussion with Lǚ Níng and Gao Lina on how to situate the matters of Ning Guang County after they had successfully taken over. All of a sudden, they heard the sounds of the violently explosive destruction of the Howitzers.

“They have made their move!! The time limit we set is still not up and yet they dare to make a move first???”

When Shen Xue heard the huge explosion, her expression froze beforeshe gritted her teeth and forcefully spat out each of those words. She had never imagined that before her imposed time limit of 30 minutes was even up, Yue Zhong had already taken the initiative to launch an attack first.

The Army represented the most superior force after the apocalypse. All along, no one had dared to go against the military. Not to mention even attacking military soldiers, Yue Zhong was the first to actually attack an entire military base!

If it wasn’t for Shen Xue forcing Yue Zhong, he really would not have resorted to such extreme measures just to end up antagonizing these fully equipped and well-trained soldiers. However, the 4 battalions he just established were simply not enough to go against this 1 battalion. Their combat prowess was incomparable! His only choice was to rely on their sheer numbers as well as his own tyrannical strength.

Lǚ Níng also found herself gritting her teeth as she said,

“That was from the direction of our Howitzers! That asshole is too cunning!  Argggh! He actually destroyed our Howitzers!”

Those two 122mm Howitzers were their most prized killing machines. With a single shot, they could instantly decimate the opposing firepower.

The bungalow that would be in the way of Shen Xue and the military was manned by Guo Quan and his team of 9. With just a single blast from the Howitzer, they would be pulverized, completely regardless of how strong their fighting spirit was!

Without those Howitzers, Shen Xue and her battalion would have a much harder time trying to fight their way through.

Gao Lina’s eyes met Shen Xue’s before saying,

“Commander Shen, should we assign men to take care of the hassle behind us or do we proceed to attack Ning Guang County directly?”

Shen Xue had seen through Yue Zhong’s weakness and made the correct decision,

“The person behind this is most likely Yue Zhong himself! He is an extremely powerful Evolver, so if he wants to escape, no matter how hard we try, it would be difficult to kill him. Accordingly, my decision is to directly attack Ning Guang County. As long as we rout them he can only surrender at the end of the day.”

You must remember when compared to Shen Xue and her battalion of trained soldiers, the fighting capabilities of Yue Zhong’s men was still considered inferior. If Shen Xue had called for the majority of her troops to deal with Yue Zhong, it would be playing right into his hands.

With this decision, the entire battalion started making their way towards Ning Guang County. On the frontlines in charge of defending against the assault of the military was Guo Quan and his team. They were considered the elites amongst the soldiers Yue Zhong had trained up.

From the moment the battle commenced, Guo Quan could feel the immense pressure issuing forth from the enemy.

With a hail of bullets, the soldiers on the military side began to fire rapidly at Guo Quan’s location. The snipers hidden amongst the soldiers were also firing tirelessly, and any soldiers under Yue Zhong unfortunate enough to stick their head out would immediately be picked off by the enemy snipers.

Concurrently, the military soldiers were extremely efficient and systematically firing nonstop, using rocket launchers to concentrate fire on that single location.

Both sides had been engaged in a crossfire for at least 10 minutes, and given the terrain, the Army could only send out smaller companies to engage in the firefight. Guo Quan’s company had already lost their 1st line of soldiers. If they weren’t the most elite amongst Yue Zhong’s troops, they might already have lost all their fighting spirit long ago.

“Company Commander! We can’t hold on for much longer!! If this goes on, the brothers will be wiped out!! Let’s make a break for it! Please let the brothers preserve their lives!”

One of the platoon commanders was begging Guo Quan. Out of the 30 men he commanded, 13 had died, while 5 had sustained heavy injuries. They had basically lost the greater half of their fighting force

Guo Quan maintained a resolute expression as he ordered,

“Permission denied!! We have received orders to hold this position for 30 minutes!! Regardless of anything, we have to complete this mission!! If the brothers below are wiped out, you will stand your ground. If you are all wiped out, then I shall stand my ground! No matter what, we have to stay for 30 minutes. Get back to your position!”

This strategic entry to Ning Guang County was small and didn’t allow too many people to cross it at once. Guo Quan knew he had to wear down the enemy numbers and stamina at this bottleneck, otherwise the battle would be even harder once the military broke past this point.

The platoon commander cursed using a loud voice, before he crouched down and went back to his position.

“F*ck!! Let’s fight to the death then!”

Under the command and leadership of Guo Quan, although Yue Zhong’s first company was not enough to win against the enemy company, they were at least able to hold their ground and fend them off. Both of them were still engaged in heavy fire, and the Army also found it difficult to fully suppress the warriors of Yue Zhong’s First Company, who were hiding behind cover.

When the army launched their assault, Yue Zhong, who had been suppressing that platoon of soldiers with his superb firing skills, suddenly felt a sense of urgency and his face paled:

“Damn it! They have already commenced their attack!”

“Seems like if I don’t risk it, we won’t be able to win!”

Yue Zhong took a deep breath, his eyes flashing with a resolute gleam as he jumped down from the tree and charged towards the Army’s camp.

That platoon of soldiers had been hiding behind cover and didn’t dare to even poke their heads out. If Yue Zhong had maintained this sort of confrontation with the soldiers, by the time Ning Guang County was broken into, he still would not have settled this issue.

Having seen that Yue Zhong had appeared again, the 2 hidden snipers immediately cocked their sniper rifles, firing two bullets which flew towards Yue Zhong.

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    • True but they’re behaving just like scum themselves as they were no where around to help with problems but soon as he starts to get things in order they come over and try to take it while acting self righteous

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  1. She was stupid to believe they would follow her time table and even though I doubt they’re listen to it but doesn’t his group have government official and army officers in the other city


  2. JS12.7mm Sniper Rifle. this should properly be designated as an anti-material rifle. Material because its far too powerful to waste on sniping soldiers and is rather intended to take out lightly armored vehicles (like personnel carriers) and installations similar to generators or communications istallations. Chinas answer to this . It is basically .50CAL give or take a .01 uses the same ammo as the 12.7mm machine gun from b4. but because its only semi automatic (you have to pull the trigger once per bullet but you dont have to rack the bolt to load every round) and not fully automatic then the hit ratio over 10 bullets will be higher for the anti material rifle. OFC they can serve as a designated marksmans rifle in a pinch but these bullets are heavy. you an arry far more .308 rounds than .50 . so if you want a soldier to be an anit-personnel sniper you use .308 and send him out with the potential to kill far more enemy combatants than with a larger caliber anti-material rifle. this is of course a setting where they may expect to encounter heavily defended individuals so it makes sense to bring these heavier weapons.


    • Depends on what you’re trying to do.

      The .308 is only good up to about 1000yds or so. The Barrett has confirmed kills at up to 2500yds. Add a couple more if you switch to the Tac-50 (also a. 50BMG)

      BTW there’s a reason we’ve never developed a .50 automatic rifle. There’s never been a need to. Fifty caliber rounds are HEAVY and a pain to carry around. If we need to hit heavier, the platoon has LAWS, AT-4s, and grenade launchers and some of these will stop actual tanks, unlike the 50.


  3. Hey, thanks for the chapter(s)!

    The JS12.7 is more commonly known as the QBU-10. You should find more info about it under that.

    It’s China’s answer to the Barrett sniper rifle. It even shoots a comparable round to the .50 BMG round which it stores in a five round magazine.

    Like the Barrett, it is a dual purpose weapon: sniping and anti-material (kills vehicles, equipment, etc), but it is very inaccurate. If you understand this unit of measure, it is almost 3MOA. Roughly speaking, you might actually miss a headshot at 150yds or so.

    It’s also supposed to be a weapon only issued to Special Forces, so I’m wondering where he got it, and if he’s gotten other unique weapons. (probably since the author’s rolling out everything the PLA’s got)

    Hope that helps.


  4. thanks for the chapter, finding it a bit weird that these two snipers are able to shoot that accurately with the speed he should be moving


  5. JS 12.7 is a anti material sniper rifle. 12.7 represent 12.7mm the size of the bullet. It a Chinese version of the Beretta 50 call basically. It meant to be used against vehicles.


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