Immortal of Book and Sword Index

Immortal of Book and Sword

Author: 70% Success  三七开 (San Qi Kai)

Completed, 322 Chapters




Reading books and reciting poetry makes one a scholar, holding a sword and breaking through enemy lines makes one a sword immortal.

Farming to make oneself happy, playing chess and the sheng to make oneself entertained, practicing the sword to make oneself strong.

“I seem to be weak, but I merely do not wish to bully others. Therefore it is still better for you to not provoke me.”

Even though a scholar is neither tough nor overbearing, he will occasionally make a move. Yet this will also make his righteousness rise and his reputation shall soar in the passionate Xianxia World.


Chapter 1: The Human Realm

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:



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