Chapter 250 done + Announcement!

Alright, as some of you might know already, we have moved to translationnations! This announcement should’ve come later,  but Ulamog decided to do it ahead of time while I was still asleep >_<

From now on, it’ll be Ulamog posting on TN while I’ll just be doing whatever I want ^_^

We still have some things to sort out (e.g. donations- queue is currently at $20/60, but we’re planning on lowering the donation amount) but we’ll start posting the chapters there at (hopefully) a faster pace. Without further ado then, here’s the announcement post on translationnations, which includes the links to chapter 250 as well as the new GDW index.

I’ll post this here anyway:

Chapter 250, 3rd regular chapter of the week- TLed by Kun, edited by UBPC, DDT, TheNo1Fan and Johnnyxn

As for what this site will now be used for, there will still be some activity on here such as minor announcements, side projects etc, but you’ll find GDW on translationnations starting from now on 🙂


Chapter 248 done!

First regular chapter of the week!

This chapter was actually released yesterday, but my wifi died halfway so I was unable to publish a chapter release post :/

TLed by DCBL and Kun

Edited by UBPC, DCBL and DDT

Regular Link

Adfly link (thanks for your support!)

P.S. Regarding the previous status update, we are not working on a new side project (although I do have quite a few to be released in the future) and so the release speed will not be affected too much. Rather, once we are ready to announce it, our speed should hopefully increase 🙂

Chapter 247 done!

This chapter is quite interesting and I assume a lot of readers have been waiting for this. Although it might be a bit of an anticlimax, at least it shows that the author has things planned out better than you might think.

TLed by Kun, edited by DDT, UBPC and DCBLOL (who also did a bit of tlcing)

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Adfly – Thanks for all your support!

Important Notice about Schedule:

I will be away for the rest of the week and so there will only be 2 regular chapters this week. However, I have now managed to catch up on all the pending chapters (yay) and a lot of recent chapters have been extra-long anyway.

School restarts for me next week and I will need some time to settle back in, but after a while things should become quicker and I might even release a couple of bonus chapters to make up if I get around to translating 😀

Chapter 242 done!

2 regular and 1 sponsored left~

The so-called mass release starts.

TLed by Kun, edited by UlamogBeatsPacman, Divinecelestialbeinglol, Dedition and Johnnyxn. The same for all the chapters that follow.

From now on, I will be doing much less editing and tlcing as I’d like to focus on translating more. If you have any corrections, please leave a suggestion in the comments or send an email to ‘adamhochin56(at)’ !

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