Yes, the time has finally come to recruit!

We are in dire need of editors and translation checkers for God and Devil World, and some extra translators would be nice as well. Proofreaders aren’t needed for now since I normally make one final sweep through the chapter once it’s published, and readers often point out mistakes in the comments anyway.

So, without further ado:


Translators: must be proficient at Chinese and have a decent grasp of English. Can translate a whole chapter.

Editors: Proficient at English. Must be thorough- i.e. editing is much more than just fixing typos and some misused words. Some basic knowledge of Chinese would be an added bonus.

Translation Checkers (TLCers): Must be good at both Chinese and English. TLCers are essentially translators who can double as editors, and so TLCers should also have the ability to translate an entire chapter. TLCers work together with the editors to ensure that the translation is correct and stays true to the original raws.

Most of the work is still done by the translator, but editing and tlcing can occasionally be quite tedious. Example below: a certain paragraph from chapter 235 which required a lot of editing and tlcing by me, which is shown in green- the original translation by Kun is the black text.

gdw screenshot

To apply: please contact me via email at adamhochin56(at), stating which position you’re applying for, approximately how much you can do per week, any previous experience and your level of translating/editing/tlcing.

Having a gmail account would be most preferred, since most of our work is done on google drive.

I know that a few readers have already expressed their interest in wanting to help, but here is the official recruitment post. Please do re-contact me so that all applications are in the same place!

Regarding donations: they can be split appropriately if anyone applying wants to make some extra cash 😀

Obviously, increasing our numbers will mean that GDW chapters are released faster. Also, I get to work on more side projects hehe…



edit: I forgot to mention this, but skilled MTLers are also welcome. Requirements for MTLers are basically the same as those for normal TLers, except an extra TLCer would probably be needed.




9 thoughts on “RECRUITMENT!

    • Uhhh… there isn’t really a program. It’s just that google drive/docs lets many people edit a document at once, so we use it as a platform for translating I guess. Most of the translating is done manually- google drive simply serves as a convenient place to host the documents.


  1. Damm! I could have done it but, I don’t know Chinese! Divine got any links for me to learn Chinese?That would be helpful:Maybe i can start translating when we get to the 450s’.


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